MarkPoint Technologies is proud to offer the best cutting edge wireless survey and data analytics capabilities currently available to DoD, corporate executives, and financial institutions.  The software and hardware solutions provided by MarkPoint Technologies supports survey of the following protocols and technologies:

  • LTE FDD and TDD

  • UMTS

  • CDMA

  • GSM

  • 802.11 A, B, G, N, AC

  • 802.15 BlueTooth

  • 802.16 Wimax

  • Telematics

MarkPoint's products are capable of secure global cloud control, data management, and license management.  The MarkPoint Technologies products grant unique cross protocol analysis for rapid correlation.  Additionally, MarkPoint offers low signature versions that require no operator interaction.  

MarkPoint Technologies also has an ultra secure VPN and VOIP product line.  Our products leverage a unique global infrastructure capable of offering secure communications anonymously.


MarkPoint's Cyber Awareness Course provides instruction regarding ways to implement and manipulate digital signatures reduction. The course emphasizes unique techniques to configure digital devices protective measures and procedures to harden electronic devices against emerging electronic threats.

We offer 3 day and 5 day courses.  Learn how to:
•    Understand your digital DNA
•    How to reduce your digital signature
•    Protect your data in transit
•    Learn to monitor wireless environment
•    Hardware encryption
•    Mail encryption
•    Generate and exchange PGP certificates
•    Tamper detection of hardware devices
•    Mitigate cyber security threats

Kristian Westfall
Kristian has over 20 years of experience in offensive and defensive technical operations.  For the last 5 years, he has conducted numerous cyber awareness and digital profile defense courses.  In addition, throughout his career, he has trained hundreds of DoD personnel in digital threats and effective countermeasures.  Kristian is a recognized subject matter expert in wireless communications technologies.



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